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Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma is the best-selling cookbook author, photographer, and writer behind A Brown Table, an award-winning blog. His first cookbook was a James Beard Foundation and IACP Awards finalist and his second cookbook, The Flavor Equation is a finalist for the IACP and The U.K. Guild of Food Writers award finalist and was also named Book of The Year by Delicious.

Sharma has had a unique career path. Moving to the U.S. to study molecular genetics, he eventually left science behind and focused on cooking. Throughout his career, he’s written for big names such as The New York Times, the San Fransisco Chronicle, Food and Wine Magazine, Taste, and Saveur. With a science background, Sharma likes to view food through that lens. He experiments with different flavors and how we can manipulate them in an unconventional way. At SALA, Sharma can share the details of his unique career path, as well as his unusual approach to cooking.

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