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About South Asia Literature and Art Festival

The South Asian Literature and Art Festival showcases contemporary reflections of literature and arts from the sub-continent and its diaspora. This celebration is usually held at the beautiful Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga but in these uncertain times we have moved to hosting it virtually through monthly live sessions.


The festival features highly acclaimed contemporary South Asian Art collections, as also panel discussions that include Art, Literature, Poetry, and Cinema. In addition, local, national and international authors and artists will be represented in keynotes, panels as live presentations.

Virtual South Asian Literature and Art Festival 2021

'I so enjoyed discussing my work on ArtForum and interacting with its engaged, lively audience who tuned in from all around the world. I loved fielding questions from London to Delhi and San Francisco all at the same time!' 

                       Moni Mohsin

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Images from the South Asian Literature and Art Festival 2019
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